I’ve been commissioned a few times by the art directors over at the Derschang Group to design for one of their most cherished establishments, Linda’s Tavern. They trust my style and art direction and pay me in beer and hamburgers as well as cash.
Bathrooms are for graffitti, so I designed this mural in black marker. When it inevitably gets tagged, it won't feel defaced. Instead it'll feel like it's gaining personality, like coffee stains on a well loved vintage t-shirt. A large Bikini Kill era Kathleen Hannah cooly observes the place. At first I felt Kathleen Hannah was an odd choice for a men’s room. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of having a riot grrrl judging members of the patriarchy all day and night.
For this Linda's Fest poster I researched each band in the lineup and created illustrations of their lead singers. If the band had a cheeky name, instead of a portrait of a their lead singer, I’d draw something silly to inject the poster with a bit of humor.
The headliners, Fred and Toody, were members of the band Dead Moon, a group locals hold near and dear. So I made sure they were rendered with love. All the type was hand drawn to maximize the homespun authenticity of the night.
When I think of Linda’s Tavern’s old shirt design, I picture a rodeo cowboy on a bucking bronco. It’s very iconic. When the art director asked me to refresh the design, I decided to give the cowboy and his horse a little more personality. Inspired by characters in old westerns of the 1960’s, I illustrated a rodeo rider charging toward you on a smiling horse! It’s nostalgic, fun and a bit rough-and-tumble. Just like Linda’s.

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