Minerva is an existing publication containing the latest academic research on ancient art and culture. It's got great content but generic design. I wondered, what would Minerva look like if I was in charge of the next issue? This is my redesign.
I curated feature well articles around the theme “colour” (because it was a British publication I decided to use commonwealth English throughout). The articles cited actual art. So I couldn’t substitute an image from any old Book of Hours, it had to be the Annunciation from the Book of Hours illuminated by Vante di Gabriello di Vante Attavanti. The articles are chock full of complicated citations, dates, titles and names in other languages like French and Latin.
Finding a typeface that could handle all these variables was a challenge. I ended up choosing ITC Stone. It had an easy to read serif ideal for long articles and a sans serif that could be used for citations. Both serif and sans serif had enough weights and styles to create clear systems of hierarchy in the numerous and sometimes elaborate citations within each article. Futura is my support typeface for things like headlines. It's familiar and new (relatively speaking) but not so contemporary that it would be jarring when placed next to images of antiquities. Futura also provided a common modular element throughout, helping to family all the articles.

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