Pony is a gay bar. I helped define Pony's brand identity. I’ve designed most of their recent merch, posters, web/print ads, environmental graphics and more.
My favorite project has been designing the bar’s new matchbooks. It was my first time working with a large scale printer, integrating microtype with illustration, using spot colors and designing across Adobe programs.
The type on this bar menu has to be BIG so drunk people can read it in the dark!
People go to Pony because it isn’t mainstream. So I couldn’t just slap a one-size-fits-all design formula on everything and call it good. It’s a punk, camp, and sex-positive gay dive bar. So what does “outside the mainstream” look like? And who defined that? The deejay booth (pictured above) is a collage of icons and trailblazers who inspired generations of queers to live outside the confines of heteronormativity.
This is a poster series for Pony's 2018 Pride parties.
I drew one of the go-go boys and put him on a t-shirt. It was a really popular design!

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